This 3 acre pasture is slanted to become a grand amphitheater with a central backdrop of palms, bananas, guava, and jamaican lilikoi, where a 400 square-foot stage is underway.
Mahogany Groves
Covered by a canopy over thirty feet tall, this grove of Mahogany trees was planted during Kapuna Hale's construction in 2002. The Orchard spans two hundred yards and will soon include bamboo catwalks, gazebos, a scattered hammocks throughout the forest.
Shared Spaces
Facing the Anahola Mountain range and seven hundred acres of rolling cattle ranch, this Hawaiian courtyard seats 75 on the cement patio (100 x 22 ft) before running onto a lawn to fit 100 more. Two natural stages sit directly beneath the moonlight along the raised fence-line and in between large palms sheltering the trade winds' breeze. During quieter hours sliding bamboo gates can separate the three pods of the house for ultimate privacy, and lowering screens for movie projection.
Great Room & Loft
The Great Room is a perfect square of 30 x 30 feet, with a 10 x 30 loft overlooking the ocean
Center Suite is 730 square feet with two private bedroom, a jet-spa bath, common area, kitchenet, and libraries of books and videos.